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What do you need in your Instagram profile to capture potential followers  and brands the minute they land on it? You only have about 7 seconds to get someone to take a closer look at your Profile. Are you grabbing attention?

If your Instagram profile doesn't have the right information about your niche and tell potential followers what to expect, you may be sending people away.  Do you have the right information in your Instagram bio to attract followers?

You'll see actual examples in the Powerhouse Profile course to show you how to attract new followers and brand opportunities to grow your account. We'll cover:

  • 6 Essentials Ingredients that every profile needs to attract followers

  • Using a Call to Action to motivate people to click the follow button

  • How to get the most out of the 150 characters in your bio

You will love our step-by-step guidance to optimize your profile and grab prospective followers the minute they land on your profile.

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Schedule your 60-Minute Coaching Call with Kara, Founder of Dog Like Me. Let's talk about simple, actionable solutions to help you:

  • Develop your niche and share your brand story
  • Optimize your Instagram profile
  • Attract your ideal followers to grow your account
  • Engage with followers and grow your brand
  • Earn more money and discover monetization opportunities

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Secret to Attracting Ideal Followers on Instagram

Secret to Attracting Ideal Followers to Grow Your Community

This course is a comprehensive program to teach you proven strategies to develop your niche, identify and attract your ideal followers, analyze your existing followers, and create high quality content to serve your audience.

Once you refine your niche and identify your ideal follower, it becomes much easier to create authentic content to serve your followers. Trying to create content that pleases everyone is impossible, and most people end up pleasing no one. Creating content that both you and your ideal followers care about is the key to sustained growth and making money! This course is for influencers, dog brands and businesses, and non-profits who want to grow their brand awareness and up-level their growth strategy. 

In this course, you’ll finally leave your frustration with Instagram behind when you use our proven strategies to attract your ideal followers. Organically growing a community of people who appreciate your content and share your mission is the key to sustained growth on social media. 

Course registration opening soon. JOIN THE WAITLIST HERE