Woman's Best Friend: An Understatement

Alisha & Oreo (Pitbull Mastiff, Rescue/4), Boston, MA

Dog Like Me met Alisha while she was sitting on a park bench in Harvard Square, Boston with her therapy dog, Oreo. We were drawn to the pair because of the obvious bond they shared. You could tell just by how closely they were sitting. Oreo was sporting his service dog vest and immediately protective of Alisha as we approached.
Alisha and Oreo


After asking permission to pet Oreo, he greeted us warmly. Despite the extraordinary hardships that Alisha has been through, she willingly shared her story about why she adopted Oreo, her four-year-old therapy dog.

Oreo helps Alisha regulate her moods because she suffers from depression and anxiety. Alisha told Dog Like Me that hasn’t self-harmed since she got Oreo two years ago. The pair was recently homeless and sleeping outside when Oreo was stolen. Alisha was relieved when Oreo was found several weeks later. Alisha told us that she has been sexually assaulted six times but now feels safe when Oreo is with her. They live with a friend in Boston now.

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