Why should you rescue a Senior Dog?

Lisa, Dave, Chloe (Chihuahua Min Pin Mix, Rescue/10), Connie (Chiweenie, Hospice Rescue/14) & Holly (Chihuahua/8), Concord, CA

meet lisa, david & chloe and learn about their dogstoryMeet our pack of senior mutts! We rescue and foster senior dogs for Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco. We started fostering for them about two years ago and it has been the most rewarding thing we’ve ever done. We have fostered 23 dogs so far!

We adopted Chloe in 2011 and we've had her for almost 10 years now! She is the funniest, silliest girl and she still has so much energy. She has been so welcoming to all the pups we have fostered. Last year we adopted Connie at 13 years old through Muttville’s hospice program. Sadly, she passed away from advanced heart disease last month, but she changed our lives.

Connie motivated us to do everything we can to save more senior dogs through fostering, donating, and volunteering. Holly is our most recent addition. We were fostering her last summer and we decided she really needed us, and we just couldn't let her go. We don't know much about her past, but she seems like she's been through a lot and she's still learning how to trust humans. But she is very smart and she's getting more and more confident every day!

Through our social media account, we work to bring awareness to the benefits of adopting and fostering senior dogs. We have inspired many people to start fostering! Senior dogs have so much love to give and they truly make the best companions. We encourage everyone to adopt a senior dog! @allthefosterpups

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