What a way to celebrate National Dog Week!


This is a big milestone for US. We've posted almost 850 Dogstories from 38 countries & 45 U.S. States, and we have a long way to go!

When I started Dog Like Me in 2019, my plan was post peoples' stories about the love they share with their dog to spread kindness, joy and resources. I wanted to inspire people to live a better life with dogs, adopt rescues & support rescue agencies and other non-profits in the pet industry.

I discovered that people wanted to make connections with other dog lovers who shared their interests, and I began to focus on ways to build a community where people could connect, inspire, and advocate for a better way of life, lift each other up, and share resources.

Dog Like Me Founder Kara Conway Love and her dog, Walter Duffy

The more I learned about social media, branding, and marketing, the more questions I got from people who wanted to grow their community. So now, in addition to nagging people to step out from behind their dog, or dog business to share their story with us, I answer a lot of questions to help people develop their niche, tell their brand story, and grow their community. We're all learning together and that's the best part.

I'm a self-proclaimed "non-crier" but I've shed many tears along with you when hearing that your dog is sick or has crossed the rainbow bridge. But I also love to laugh and often find myself cracking up while watching other people's reels and funny posts. So, I use some humor in Reels to bring smiles to our community, and let's face it, Walter & I are pretty goofy.

Thanks to all our loyal friends. I truly appreciate every one of you!  

Love & Sloppy Kisses, Kara & Walter