Tinkerbelle's Journey from the Shelter to the Runway

Sam & Tinkerbelle (Papitese, Rescue/9), New York, NY

Tinkerbelle as a famous model, Broadway actor, travel blogger, fashion icon and international celebrityYou’ll likely recognize Tinkerbelle as a famous model, Broadway actor, travel blogger, fashion icon and international celebrity. But underneath this 5-lb diva’s fame is simply an adorable, yet sophisticated rescue pup with a very busy schedule! Tinkerbelle has literally done it all and with tons of class and sass. Not only has she graced many runways with her Insta-famous strut, but she’s never forgotten her humble roots.

Rescuing a dog was never in this dogmom’s plans because she’s allergic to dogs. But one day in 2012, Sam Carrell visited a friend who worked at a shelter in Long Island and overheard people talking about a tiny dog. Sam couldn't imagine what she looked like weighing only 1 pound when she was nine months old. When they opened the cage, the puppy ran out and jumped in Sam’s arms, surprising both Sam and the shelter staff. This tiny shelter pup hadn’t come out of the cage for anyone and she wasn’t eating. Sam was smothered with kisses which convinced her to adopt the puppy, along with the staff’s assurance that she was hypoallergenic.

Sam thought “Ok, maybe I can do this and make this little pup happy.” And then, her first question was - can I change her name? Done, and Sam and Tinkerbelle set off to the pet stores and purchased enough dogfood, treats, and supplies for a Great Dane!

Tinkerbelle’s rise to fame was not planned. She was spotted by an agent one day when she and Sam were walking down the street in NYC. These days Tinkerbelle is often recognized when they’re out and about. Sam says it's hard because they’re usually running to catch a plane or to a photo shoot when someone says, “that's Tinkerbelle!” Suddenly a small crowd gathers, and everyone wants to meet Tinkerbelle. Tink will do a quick selfie and then she and her amazing dogmomager are on the run again! Despite her hectic schedule, Tinkerbelle LOVES spending time with fans and is never overwhelmed by the attention.

Tinkerbelle is always busy with her photo shoots for various brand partnerships. And during the pandemic, Tinkerbelle began her #DJTink career. Sam posted Tinkerbelle dancing and being a DJ and it was a huge hit.  So, every Friday, you can find Tinkerbelle on #ClubQuarantine when #DJTink is out. Each week a new theme. And when Sam skipped a week, she sure heard from Tinkerbelle’s fans that she needs to continue the party on Instagram. Her followers look forward to the Friday evening smiles and laughs and just can't get enough of it!

Once travel restrictions are over, Tinkerbelle is longing for a tropical beach destination to restart her travel blog. For Sam and Tinkerbelle, 2020 was busy with travel in spite of COVID. In January Tink was in Paris to walk Paris Fashion Week with Heron Preston. In February, she was in Milan and Florence for NH Collection Hotel Partnerships. Then travel stopped. But as the year went on, Sam and Tinkerbelle enjoyed traveling to some local destinations in NY, CT, VT, and MA.

#TravelingTink is back and looks forward to seeing her fans again soon! @tinkerbellethedog @samcarrell

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