This Mum's Chihuahuas Keep her Physically & Mentally Healthy!

Narelle, Queen Porsha & Princess Paris (Chihuahuas/4, 6), Perth, Australia

Woman standing next to a stroller with two small Chihuahua dogs in the stroller

Before my beautiful little girls came into my life I was drinking a lot and had put on weight. I was feeling sad, unhappy and unhealthy.

When Porsha came into my world everything changed for the better. I am now fit, very happy and healthy. Then when Paris joined our little family, it made our life complete.

We love attending dog events with mum pushing us in the chihuahuamobile while showing off our incredible fashion sense. We love making people smile and spreading happiness is our aim.

Our favourite thing to do is spending time together watching movies. These tiny little girls have transformed my life in ways I can’t describe. They haven’t only changed my life they have saved my life.

Our favourite saying is, “Whooo hooo life doesn’t get any better!” @porsha_and_paris