The Biggest Hearts in the Heart of NYC

Stephanie & Gurk’s Crew, New York, NY⁣

I've always been drawn to animals that were different. As a little girl, I rescued a rabbit that was destined for stew. Over the years, I became more aware of the pet business and all the abuse. I decided to do something about it and rescued my first special needs dog in 2008.⁣

meet stephanie and gurks crewHe was a Chihuahua discarded like trash by a so-called breeder, devoured with Demodectic Mange. It took several months of natural care to bring him back to health, but it was so worth it! Today, Elliott is 13 and still very healthy, besides being an old fart.😂⁣

In 2012, I turned my dedication to dogs up a notch and created a sanctuary for seniors & special needs dogs in France. These were the dogs nobody wanted because they were too old, too sick, too weird, too ugly. We took care of many health issues like diabetes, hypothyroidism, epilepsy, skin issues, heart/kidney failure. Some of the dogs were disabled and incontinent, others senile, blind, etc. We had many puppy mill rescues whose psychological trauma was the worst.⁣

I learned so much with each one of them and do not regret all the sacrifices I made to care for them. I even cooked for them to provide them with the best nutrition. They gave me back a hundredfold and knowing I gave them a new chance in life is priceless.⁣

Today, we live in NYC and still have a big crew for city life, but nothing I cannot manage. They all adjusted as long as they're with us. Most are seniors, some are toothless, one is partially disabled, some have arthritis, but Gurky is the most-needy today because he’s blind and has a wrecked digestive system.⁣

We still have a few puppy mill rescues and the bond with them is so unique. Once they give you their trust, they love you unconditionally. Some remain weirdos, but that's why we love them so much! I write about our adventure on our blog. @iamgurk
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