Talk about a Pug with Personality!

Rose & Prin (Pug/5), Delmar, NY

meet rose and prinIn May of 2014, our beloved 8-year old Pug, Flea, suddenly passed which was devastating to the whole family. We went to Italy shortly thereafter (Principessa is the Italian word for princess, by the way). A few days after our return, my husband, Kevin grabbed our son, Brendan, and his long-time best friend, Patrick, and took them to meet Princi. Kevin found her in a Craigslist ad, which seemed to make her a new millennium pup. The boys were delighted with all 4 pounds of her and wouldn't put her down for days.

It wasn't long before her personality came out – she has a very BIG personality, always talking, very engaged with and cognizant of her humans, demanding with her routines – in fact, she "demands" attention by sitting in front of someone and yell-barks at them. These traits, together with her insistence on pestering, yelling at and begging for playtime with Brendan, seemed to truly make her a sister to him and a second child for Rose and Kevin.

Brendan left for college in the fall of 2018 when Princi was almost five. A void was created in the empty nest and Rose and Kevin treasured Princi’s enthusiastic greetings each time they walked in the door. Princi doesn’t just wag her tail, she wags her whole body and she’s got an incredible snort. And you wouldn't believe how loud she snors! 

Despite her high-maintenance ways and quirks, Princi’s reaction to her first Face Time chat with Brendan while he was away at college was priceless. She kissed the screen and revelled in seeing Brendan. Rose and Kevin share Princi’s sadness when she frequently walked into Brendan’s empty room to look for him. This special relationship between Brendan and Princi was a huge comfort to the new empty nesters who missed their son so much. They say that divine intervention will prepare you for the departure of your kids to college - Princi was that much-needed diversion for this dog family.

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