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Matt & Lucky (Pomeranian Mix, Rescue/6), New Orleans, Louisiana 

Matt & Lucky

Lucky is a foster fail from Animal Rescue New Orleans, which is a no-kill shelter. Matt was on the waiting list to adopt Lucky for 90 days after Lucky was surrendered by his owner. Matt owns "The Locksmith" and he works all over New Orleans. Lucky goes to work with Matt almost every day and would rather stay in Matt's backpack than be left at home. If Matt leaves Lucky at home, like on the days when he's working at the hospital or a restaurant, Lucky gets mad! Sometimes when Matt's wife (Flora Savage) gets off work early and he brings Lucky home to be with her, Lucky is sure to give Matt the cold shoulder when he gets home.

Matt's last Pomeranian rescue, Bubs, lived to be 17 years old. Matt and his wife had Bubs for 444 days and he went everywhere with Matt. He was like a teddy bear and looked like a Muppet. People would think he was a stuffed animal and then he'd blink, and people would freak out.

Bubs was a real senior dog when they adopted him, and he had a lot of health problems. When his diabetes got really bad, Bubs lost his sight, but Matt still brought him to work in his backpack around the city while repairing locks. Bubs spent his last year as one very happy senior dog in Matt's backpack. #keepwaggin Matt & Lucky!

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