Silence before the Storm

Nathalie & her Tribe - Peluche, Yoda, Bruce, Billy, Naya, Duvel currently in Belguim and on the move to Italy soon.

My 8 dogs are my life, my love, my light.

Bruce (2) & Peluche (2) were rescued from killing stations in Spain but adopted by the wrong people. I've fostered many dogs, but with Bruce - 'a very dangerous, unpredictable dog' - I fell in love right away. One year later, Peluche was a different story. He had attacked people and was unmanageable. I knew we were his last chance, so we gave it our all. Now he's a goofy lovebug & forever a part of our family.

meet nathalie and her 8 dogs!I always wanted a Husky so when a friend had puppies, I asked for the most docile pup so it would go well with my pack. It was silence before the storm. When I went to pick her up, they said 'Sorry, she's the only one growling at her mom'. Naya (3) is everything I didn't want, but desperately needed. She's me, in the form of a dog. Never have I ever felt such a strong connection to anyone.

Duvel (6) was found in a garbage container as a puppy. He flew over from Spain & was my light in a very dark period. We rescued each other. Shortly after adopting him, I decided to become a stay at home dogmom by opening a doggy daycare.

I found Yoda (11) tied to a tree in front of the local shelter where I used to volunteer. She was underfed and injured. We found the owner, he said he didn't want 'that vicious dog' back. She was only 8 months old. She clung to me from day one and still looks at me as if she's in love.

Billy (13) was born at home, by accident. She's the perfect little girl. Blacky (11) is Billy's son & Kito (11) a rescued Pinscher. They live with my dad (we share a farm).

Our daycare is closing and soon we'll be full digital nomads, travelling the world with our dogs. I can't think of anyone I'd rather share this adventure! @nayatribe @nayanite
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