Service Dog Moxie helping Dog Mom mange Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

Katie & Moxie (Goldendoodle, Service Dog/2), Overland Park, KS⁣

Meet Katie and MoxieMoxie. Her name means to overcome obstacles with spirit and courage. That’s exactly what she helps me do every day. I have a condition called Ehlers Danlos and Moxie is my service dog. Ehlers Danlos is a connective tissue disorder that affects people differently. For me, it affects the stability in my joints (causing many joints to dislocate frequently), my blood pressure (causing me to pass out at times), and nerve pain, among other things. Moxie is task trained for an assortment of tasks to help make my life easier with main tasks being medical alert for seizures and passing out, item retrieval, and item pick up.⁣

Together, we are definitely a team on a mission to pay it forward and make a difference through “Moxie’s Mission." Moxie’s Mission is an organization created during a dark time of my life. My health was declining, I was dependent on a wheelchair and I struggled finding purpose; even questioning if I wanted to continue living. I finally decided to stop focusing on the things I couldn’t do anymore and search for something I “could” do, a new “why”.⁣

Knowing how much Moxie improved my life and being so thankful for her, I decided to set out on a mission to fund service dogs for individuals in need. I know many people can benefit from a service dog, however, they might not be able to afford a fully trained service dog. We went to work on raising money. On Oct. 20, 2019, we joined together with 100’s of individuals for a 6-legged relay race & raised over $17,000, exceeding our $15,000 goal. We donated our first service dog to a deserving individual.⁣

Our story doesn't stop there. We are now an established non-profit with exciting things in store! To learn more about Moxie’s Mission and how YOU can help, follow us on Facebook/Instagram. Subscribe and donate at 

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