Rescue Pup Turns family into Dog Lovers

Paddy & Theodore (Pitbull-Staffy Mix/4 mos.), Mumbai, India

Meet Paddy and Theodore from IndiaThe people who bought me from the breeders paid a lot of money for me and then they didn’t want me. They were told by their friends that I was a vicious and aggressive breed. They dumped me with a relative who already had three hairy breeds that kept barking and barking. And to avoid them stealing my food, I wasn’t given any weaning food but put on baby food like cereal at six weeks old. They couldn’t manage me and so circulated my pictures hoping I would find a new home.

My Mommy’s friend saw my picture and insisted she meet me. Mommy has just landed after a long 24-hour flight and was jet lagged. She never wanted a pet as she travels a lot. Mommy came and met me. She carried me and I fell asleep breathing in her fragrance and I never wanted to leave. She said it was love at first sight. And that I chose her, so she too couldn’t abandon me. And that’s how I found my pawrents. They love me like crazy and I am crazy about them. I have two siblings studying in USA and one of them was sick with Covid19. I am having a blast. Universe is kind and I love my new home. I have calmed down a great deal and Mommy says I am the best baby in the whole world. @theodorebullyz

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