Rescue Pup survived Parvo - it was Meant to Be!

Becca & Hank (Lab Mix, Rescue/10), Arvada, CO⁣

Becca and Hank

Hank and I were meant to be. I was working in rescue and Hank was one of the pups that we took out of a shelter in Kansas. I originally took him home for a friend who wanted to rescue a black lab. I’ll never forget that first night, Hank learned to sit without any treats. He ran around on the couch going from lap to lap. This was college so everyone wanted to be with the puppy.

Hank seemed so happy. We went to give him a bath and the amount of fur that came off this tiny little puppy was unbelievable. Right then I knew something was wrong. At that point though he was acting fine, eating and drinking normally so I went home.

The next morning, my friends called me. Hank was lethargic and wouldn’t eat or drink. When I got there, Hank wouldn’t even come out of his crate. I called the rescue and rushed him to the vet. I was absolutely sure he was parvo positive.⁣

Once we got there, we were looking for the paperwork the shelters usually send with the dogs but there wasn’t any for him. Hank ended up on that van by accident. Good thing he did because if the shelter found out he had parvo he would have been put down immediately. He was meant to get on that van that day. Hank was meant to come home with me to be my partner in crime.⁣

After a few days in the hospital, Hank came through. I picked him up and took him home because he couldn’t get adopted out right away. He stayed with me for a month. When the shelter called to tell me it was time for Hank to go up for adoption, I just couldn’t do it. He was already my dog.

Never in a million years did I want a lab. I always wanted some kind of Shepherd or cattle dog (now I know Hank has both those things in him 😏) but he was just too special. Meant to be - Hank and I ❤️ @adogbymyside ⁣

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