Rescue Dog to the Stars: Michael Emerson, Carrie Preston & Chumley

Michael Emerson & Chumley (Poodle Chihuahua Mix, Rescue/10) New York City, New York & New Orleans, Louisiana 

Michael Emmerson and his dog chumleyTV villian Michael Emerson and his actress wife, Carrie Preston, rescued Chumley from A Dog's Life Rescue in Los Angeles when he was about 9 months old. It was love at first site when they first met Chumley. Michael describes Chumley as very reserved and his only expression as "intense." Chumley is a Poodle-Maltese Mix and he'll be 11 years old in 2020. 

According to Michael, Chumley is the "organizing principle" of their days.  In other words, despite two very busy acting careers, their world revolves around Chumley. In showbiz, everybody travels a lot. But Michael is happy to be able to bring Chumley on the set a lot and everybody adores him. And he says Chumley gets the same treatment when he's on the set with Carrie. Not surprisingly, Chumley raises everyone's spirits. Everybody is always happy to have him around because he's so good. However, Chumley isn't great with other dogs, he's really a "people person." Michael and Carrie have dog walkers in NYC & NOLA but rarely use them because they usually have Chumley with them and prefer to walk him themselves. Now that he’s getting older, Chumley prefers to be held anyway, says Michael.

Visit A Dog's Life Rescue at to find your next organizing principle! 

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