"Remember Me Thursday" With a Very Special Rescue Dog Named Soda

We celebrated "Remember Me Thursday" on September 23 to shine a light on orphan pets waiting for adoption.

Meet Fatima, Eric & Soda (Chihuahua Mix, Rescue/3), Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. Here's Soda's story:
Woman and man sitting on their front step with their small rescue dog, named Soda


Lucky to be alive, Soda was saved before she was born! In the Dominican, Soda’s mom had been left injured on the side of a road. After getting medical care, it was discovered that puppies were on the way. Soda and her brother were born.

Canine Haven Rescue in the Ontario area brought Soda to Canada. They work with local shelters and abroad. It was an amazing rescue and we’re grateful to have Soda. Soda comes with us wherever we go and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

A confident, curious, and adventurous dog, Soda brings much happiness to our home and neighbors. Friendly and a lover of kids, Soda makes it easy to meet others. Her story reminds us that there are kind people out there and thank goodness because there are so many pets in need. Soda is definitely a fun loving, pro ball️ chaser! @sodagirldog