Plus Size Model & Dog Mom Helps Spread Positive Body Image Message

Leah & Luna (Bernese Mountain Dog/7), Albany, NY

meet leah and luna!"I grew up in Vermont surrounded by pets, including peacocks. We always had the base pets like cats & dogs, including Dobermans. Before I got Luna, I did a lot of research on what kind of dog suited my lifestyle. Luna came into my life shortly after I graduated from college when she was 9 weeks. I had free time and wanted to fill my time raising a dog. I knew I’d love her but what I didn’t know was that my heart was going to get bigger so I could love her more than I imagined. Luna has soaked up many tears, we’ve shared more laughs than tears (yes, I laugh with my dog, that’s how we do), and she’s just been there for me in all ways. When we moved from Vermont, Luna and I spent every day together for 2 months as we acclimated to our new life. We’ve always done everything together and as long as it’s not too hot out, Luna goes wherever I go. We’re pals, best friends, mom and dog daughter - a pair you won’t forget.

Luna is very sassy. She’ll be doing something that she is not supposed to do and I’ll tell her to stop. Then she just looks at me. I swear she thinks it’s funny to ignore me and keep doing whatever she wants. I’ll tell her to give me a kiss and she’ll turn her head the other way and put on a dog grin. Luna is kinda spoiled and has a big bin full of stuffed toys. She loves to go for car rides, get ice cream and visit her dog friend, Tes. She also loves to go off leash, especially at my mom’s house in Vermont."

Leah Stanley is a plus-size fashion/lifestyle blogger, influencer and model. When she started her blog in 2016, Leah saw a lot of opportunities. Now Leah has a manager to help with contract negotiations so she can spend more time on content creation, which is her passion. In her blog @voluptuousleah Leah shares fashion tips and spreads a positive body image. She also shares her travel adventures, lifestyle hacks and favorite recipes. Leah styles, shoots and edits most content while staying true to herself and her style. @voluptuousluna
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