Piper's Love trounces Anxiety

Dana & Piper (Miniature Pinscher/3), Baltimore, MD

meet dana and piperPiper has been a huge light in my life on a daily basis. Around 3 years ago my little Nunah (a black and brown Minipin) passed away suddenly and I was completely heartbroken. Nunah was very special because she helped me with a severe anxiety disorder that resulted from an accident when I was 21. A drunk driver almost killed me.

I suffered for many years until my doctor suggested a service animal. After getting Nunah and working with her as a puppy, she became a lifesaver for me. I was able to become a normal member of society again. When she passed unexpectedly, I lost all hope and that anxiety began to creep in again. I prayed for the right pup and it was not long before I found Piper.

Piper is an amazing pup and so smart. When I found her in PA, she was in a very bad situation, so I took her home right away. She had fleas and worms, along with chunks of hair missing. I didn’t care, she was such a sweet and amazing spirited pup. I clicked with her the second I saw her, and she’s has helped me in so many ways since. Piper literally saved me from such a big loss with Nunah by stepping right in to take her place.

Each day Piper makes me smile. She’s also been a huge inspiration for me to get out and be healthy walking a few miles together each day. We also love to go on hikes and weekend trail trips. It’s so much fun to explore amazing new places as a family with Piper and my husband, Rob.

So many people say that their dog is a lifesaver. For me, the same is true – Piper saved me, and I just don’t know where I would be without her. I had no idea how much of an amazing help she would be. @piperthepin @danastargazertruitt

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