One Last Bucket List Month

Kali & Killian (Great Dane/4), Everett, WA

Meet Kali and Killian the Great daneKillian came into my life when I didn’t need another dog, but he was my dream breed! I was in a domestic violence relationship when he came to me. I left and got out of that relationship when he was 8 months old.

I found out that Killian had Wobblers Syndrome when he was two. Wobblers is horrible and it was painful for him and me! I fought for him and he fought for 1.5 years after his diagnosis! Because of the quarantine, we were not able to get a lot of the treatments for Killian to help fight his pain!

My now partner and I made a choice. We did a month of bucket list adventures with Killian and one last weekend at the Beach, which was his favorite place. Then we said said goodbye to Killian on July 20, 2020.

I decided to share this story because Killian taught me so much about myself, about boundaries, and because of his Wobblers, I feel like I am even a better dog mom for my other dogs! Killian was a magical lifesaving soul!

We miss him but he taught me so, so much! Unicorn unconditional love! Run Free Killian Jones @pandas_pack

Whats your dogstory?