Linda Rodin: Winks IS my life!

Linda Rodin & Winks (Poodle/9), New York, NY

Meet Linda Ronin and WinksAs a successful Model, Style Icon and Beauty Innovator, Linda Rodin pioneered numerous industries throughout her career. While she is best known for her remarkable work in the fashion and beauty industries, perhaps Linda’s greatest love is her miniature poodle, Winks. While venturing out for her daily walk with Winks in NYC, Linda’s dons her authentic style, including one of her many pair of sunglasses, bright lipstick, sneakers and Levi’s.

Dog Like Me met Linda and Winks at the Union Square Green Market. As a life-long animal lover, Linda quietly supports charitable animal organizations and her love for Winks is boundless. But it’s the way that she looks at Winks that tells the whole story. When asked, how has your dog changed your life, Linda candidly replied:

"How has this dog changed my life, he IS my life!! Winks is the best thing that's ever happened to anybody. I love him like a mother would love a child."

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