Join us in celebrating our Second Anniversary!

When I launched Dog Like Me in March of 2019 to celebrate life with dogs, I had no idea if it would last. I wasn't sure if people cared about how other people's lives were affected by their dogs. I wasn't sure if people would read our Dogstories, and make connections with other dog moms and dads through Dog Like Me. But you have done all that and more. I am so grateful for all of you!

We've built this community to connect dog lovers around the world, to inspire and educate you with stories about people and their dogs, and to advocate for rescues and important causes that affect dogs. We've featured dogs from over 30 countries and almost all 50 states, except Mississippi, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota & Wyoming. Hint, hint 😜- know any dogs there?

So many of you have reached out to us over the last two years to tell us how you've made real connections with other people because of Dog Like Me. Yay!!! And we're glad that we've pushed some of you to get out from behind your amazing dog and share the spotlight once in a while. We know it's not easy, but people want to meet you and if your followers see you with your dog, you'll be able to build deeper connections.

We want to help you grow your community, be inspired and learn from us and each other. We're committed to helping you, so stay on this journey with us! As long as there are dog lovers and amazing stories to share, you know where to find us!

So that we can continue to grow and help you build community, we need your help! Here's what you can do:

  1. Share this post with someone who you would like us to feature on Dog Like Me.

  2. Tell your friends about us by sharing our posts on your stories.

  3. Follow @dog_like_me and @walterduffydog 4. Comment below and tell us what was the most memorable Dogstory to you?

  4. Comment below or send us a DM with your suggestions on how we can help you?

 Thanks, and as always, sending our love and sloppy kisses ~ Kara & Walter