It's Ok Not to be Ok

Marissa & Teddy (Mini Goldendoodle/1), Tampa, FL

March 27, 2020 will always hold a special day in my heart as that was the day Teddy came into my life, which was also the day before everything shut down in Florida for the pandemic! Timing is everything right?

meet marissa and teddy

I could not have lucked out with a more patient, kind, and loving puppy. During this time, my life did a complete 180. I am normally in Medical Device Sales for my profession. My life before the pandemic was completely different. Throwing COVID in the mix and being a type A saleswoman who is now home all the time with her brand-new puppy was an interesting ride!

In the proceeding months, not only did he help me with my sanity, but I noticed that my anxiety, depression, and other health issues were in a good place and he was granted status as my emotional support animal. As time went on, our amazing neighbors told us about All American Dog Training academy @allamericandog where we started off with some basic training that led into service training months later!

The best part of having him around is the love and calm he brings into my life. My favorite thing to do with him is to take him places and experience new things with him. We have met so many people that I never would have met before if it were not for him, not to mention this amazing dog mom community, for which I am forever grateful to Courtney at Dog Mom Boss.

She helped me find my way and my story on not only how he helps me in my day to day but also giving me the strength to be vulnerable with the world and tell my story. It has given me an outlet to spread positivity and promote mental health in an optimistic light especially in the times that we are in. I keep telling myself “It's ok to not be ok”.