How these Pups Down Under Became their Dog Mom's World

Jessie, Muppet & Bear (French Bulldogs/5 & 3), Melbourne, Australia 

meet jessie muppet and bearMuppet is my first dog as an adult, and he has taught me so much about myself and I’m sure has made me a better person. And Bear is the most amazing gift I never planned on. She was a spur decision while visiting a breeder friend and she has completed our family like I couldn’t have imagined. The two pups have grown to be the best friend and they didn’t just change my world, they’ve become it. And I’ve never been happier. They have such unique and full personalities, it’s always fun.

We live in the beautiful city of Melbourne that we get to explore and see from all angles. The dog community, in person and online, has also been a wonderful group to know and be a part of and get support from. I honestly can’t imagine a reality without the pups now. Especially with our globally shared challenges, the pups are even more critical. They give me the balance and the smiles I need. 🙂 🙂 And I’m grateful every day. @muppetandbear

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