How these K9 Officers helped their Dog Mom beat Breast Cancer, Twice!

Aimee, K9 Titan (German Shepherd/14) & K9 Casner (German Shepherd/4), Berlin, Connecticut 

Aimee, K9 Titan (German Shepherd/14) & K9 Casner (German Shepherd/4), Officer Aimee Kryzkowski of the Berlin, CT Police Department is a two-time cancer survivor. In 2012 at the age of 30, Aimee survived breast cancer following treatment, which included a double mastectomy. Her recently deceased canine partner, Titan, helped Aimee beat cancer, and together, they returned to work.

Then in October of 2018, Aimee was shocked to learn that her cancer reoccurred. This time around, both Titan and Aimee’s current K9 Partner, Casner ("Caz"), along with the Berlin Police Department and their community, were by her side through Aimee's even more intensive cancer treatment. Aimee and Caz returned to work stronger than ever in March of 2019.

As Aimee’s first K9 partner, Titan was Aimee’s right hand on the police force for nine years. Aimee says that “anyone who knew him at work knew that he meant business, and he had no problem telling you that.” Sadly, Titan passed away in 2020 at the age of 14 following a diagnosis of oral cancer. Aimee loved Titan’s sweet, soulful and softer side. He was best known for finding the good guys, the bad guys, the drugs and somehow scaring people. Aimee says that although Titan’s stature commanded respect – there wasn’t a kid that couldn’t pull his ears or take his toy right from his mouth.

In describing how Titan and Caz have impacted her life, Aimee says “I am incredibly blessed to have not only one, but two incredible canine partners in my career. Knowing that I have them beside me at work every day makes me feel more secure and honestly makes my day brighter! But outside of work, my boys are just that, my children. We do everything together from hiking to running errands to napping on cold winter days or swimming at the beach. When they say that ‘a dog is not your whole world, but they make your world whole’, that is an understatement. My dogs have been my therapists and my source of happiness throughout my cancer journey. It’s hard to have a bad day when you are getting poked with a cold wet doggo nose! My dogs knew when I was not feeling well, and they knew how to lift my spirits and get me out of the house. I am repaying that kindness by giving them the best life possible! I think I owe it to them!"

Early in 2021, Aimee and her fiancé welcomed a rescue dog named Abigail to their family. Caz is busy teaching Abby how to “dog” and keeping their amazing dogmom happy! @k9_casner

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