How Jax's Failure Turned Out to Be a Huge Success

Julia & Keenam Jax (Lab, Golden Retriever Mix/3), Chicago, IL

We first met Keenam in 2019. He was bred through Canine Companions for Independence and he was training to be a service dog.

Young woman and dog sitting on a rockWe instantly fell madly in love and told him many times that if he failed the program (which we honestly never thought possible), we would adopt him. 

Sure enough, I got a text on Jan 2, 2020, that he has indeed been released because of his food obsession. Well, he’s half lab so… We were able to adopt him out of the CCI program and drove round trip to pick him up. Honestly, we just knew he was meant to be ours. He is the best dog we have ever met and we have dog sat over 175 dogs the past few years, so we know, LOL.

Jax is so kind, intuitive, loving, so good with other dogs, and puts new guests right at ease. He’ll play hard with the big dogs and so gently with the little ones. He has completely stolen our hearts. We can’t imagine our lives, our walks through the woods, our snuggle times in the morning, or those looks of desperation when we have bananas or French Fries, without him. @our_keenam