How did these two German Shepherd Dogs change their parents' lives?

All through college I desperately wanted a German Shepherd. I knew it wasn't a good time due to my busy schedule. The moment I graduated, my now husband, Coy, and I decided it was time to finally get a GSD.

Young woman and man on their wedding day with their two German Shepherd Dogs

I was so excited I had his name picked out before we even knew about him. Achilles was such a wonderful dog that we decided to get another when he was almost two. Atticus is definitely more rambunctious than Achilles, but he fits right in with the family. He loves getting on his big brother's nerves, and is also my second shadow.

Both pups love to hike, especially when we're going to the river. It's my favorite thing to do with them. They're both obsessed with fetch, and learning new things.

Achilles recently got to do his first national commercial. It was new for us, but we loved it! My life has definitely changed for the better thanks to these two goofballs.

Hillary, Coy, Achilles & Atticus (German Shepherds/3 & 5) Smyrna, GA @achillesgsd