Can a Positive Attitude Help Grow Your Instagram?

We're always looking for new ways to inspire our followers to stay connected and be positive!

In one of our recent Instagram Reels, we shared some strategies to help people build better connections with their followers and grow their community. Here are some things we can all work on:

Dog Like Me founder Kara Conway Love and her dog, Walter, sitting on top of a mountain

🔹Be a Connector – do you know someone who can help someone else? You don’t have to be everything to everyone but if you build strong relationships and get to know people, you might be able to connect two people who can help each other.

🔹Lift Others Up – if you see something, say something… meaning if someone’s Post or Reel inspires, entertains, or teaches you something, then share it, save it, leave an engaging comment, and obviously, like it. Sharing something valuable on your IG Stories or Reposting on your feed helps you (because you’re providing value to your followers). You are also helping the creator of the Post or Reel by giving them credit for their content and exposure to your followers. True, some people won't return the favor but if your efforts to serve your followers are sincere, it will pay off in the long run. 

🔹Introduce Yourself – humanize your account. People want to know who’s the creative brain behind the fluff. This applies to dog influencer accounts, dog businesses and even non-profits in the dog industry. You'll be more relatable when followers see your face once and a while. The best way to build trust with your audience is to get to know them, and let them get to know you. Without trust, it's really hard to convince people to buy your products or services, support your cause, or follow your recommendations. 

🔹Be a Resource – don’t be afraid to share your gifts. What do you know that might help someone else? Don’t keep the good stuff to yourself! And, let followers know you are open to questions & comments. Invite people to send you a DM or an email with questions or comments. It helps to build relationships and grow your community.

🔹Stop Comparing Yourself to Others – True, other people might have more followers, know more about social media, be thinner, younger, richer, funnier, dance better, whatever, but there’s someone out there who needs to hear what you have to say in a way that only YOU can say it. We are all unique and no one brings your experience and perspective to a situation except for you. 

By focusing more on building relationships rather than competing with others in your niche, you can grow your followers and increase the engagement on your content. You might be surprised that you can even gain respect and appreciation from your competitors. It's a mindset shift towards a more positive approach to building a community of followers who will appreciate and trust you.