Future Therapy Dog Walden - On His Way to Class

Alex & Walden (Labrador Retriever/4 mos.), Tampa, FL

Alex and 4 Month Old Walden

Dog Like Me caught up with Alex and his four-month-old black lab, Walden, in Saratoga Springs just before Alex’s graduation from Skidmore College in May 2019.

Alex has had labs his whole life and was ready for his own dog.  He’s headed back to his hometown in Florida to pursue a career in teaching as a Middle Division History Teaching Fellow at Berkeley Preparatory School in Tampa, FL https://www.berkeleyprep.org/

This young professional is passionate about educating and coaching the next generation of students and athletes. After an incredible internship at Choate Rosemary Hall, Alex knew that his future would revolve around teaching.  He was inspired by his grandfather who instilled a passion for history and education in him as a young boy. Hearing stories from both of his grandparents about their experience as educators made Alex’s career choice a no-brainer.

When he’s old enough, Walden is going to be trained as a therapy dog so that he can accompany Alex to school to further enrich the learning experience for his students. What a lucky dog!!

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