From the Corporate World to the Pet Industry: Bella & Lindy Saratoga's Pet Boutique

Jill & Chachi (Chihuahua, Rescue/5) Saratoga Springs, New York

Meet Chachi the chihuahuaAfter a stressful corporate job in NYC for many years, Jill Rodriguez described her escape from work as always doing something dog-related. Whether she was volunteering with local animal shelters, attending dog events or just being with her own dog, Jill realized that her happy place was with dogs. Jill’s dogs have been a great comfort to her through many difficult times in life. Like many dog lovers, Jill knew that her bond with her dogs was incredibly strong and unique. Jill was always intrigued to learn more about dogs and follow her passion. She bravely took a leap of faith when she quit her corporate job to learn everything she could about the pet industry. Jill worked at a veterinarian clinic for a few years and studied pet design and marketing in NYC before she opened Bella & Lindy Saratoga’s Pet Boutique in 2014. She thoroughly enjoys learning about animals and is passionate about helping them. While in the boutique, Jill loves to help customers enhance the bonds that they share with their dogs. Jill understands that dogs give us so much and creating a place where people can bring their dogs to make them feel special turned out to be amazingly rewarding for Jill.

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At home, Jill has three small dogs, and she also rescues & fosters senior dogs. Jill has a soft spot for little dogs with health issues that no one else wants and found that helping animals in need has been one of the most rewarding parts of her life. The Boutique is named after Jill’s first two rescue dogs from Puerto Rico, Bella & Lindy. The shop dog is Chachi, who is Jill’s most recent rescue. Chachi is a three-legged Chihuahua and former street dog from Puerto Rico. She was hit by a car but luckily a Good Samaritan brought her to a rescue organization in Puerto Rico, which happened to be the same organization where Jill adopted Bella & Lindy. Jill was drawn to many of the rescue dogs in Puerto Rico, but something about Chachi caught Jill’s eye. Jill and her husband flew to Puerto Rico to meet Chachi even though she had already booked a return flight and knew that Chachi would be making the trip home to become part of her family. Three years later, Chachi is the store mascot and the face of Bella & Lindy Saratoga’s Pet Boutique! Customers love Chachi because of her sweet personality and calm disposition and she makes people really happy when they meet her. Customers who meet Chachi know how strong she is even though she is missing a leg. Jill believes that people are encouraged by how well dogs adapt positively to challenges in their lives. It’s amazing to see a rescue dog overcome their past and flourish into a happy, healthy dog! They truly are so special, and so is Jill!

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