Foster Fail helps heal Dog Mom's Heart

Jamie & AmeliaJ (American Bully/7 mos.), Freehold, NJ

AmeliaJ was found alone in an abandoned building in Queens, NY at 10 weeks old. I foster for a local rescue called Fur Friends In Need who helps a lot of animals from the NYACC.

jamie and ameliaj the american bullyI had recently lost the absolute love of my life Jada, when Amelia was taken in. I wasn’t looking for a new puppy or even a foster at the time. When I saw AmeliaJ’s shelter picture that was shown to our group, my heart felt something besides misery for the first time in weeks. I’m convinced that my girl Jada sent AmeliaJ directly to me knowing how bad I needed her love.

I took AmeliaJ on as a foster, but she quickly became a foster fail. AmeliaJ has done so much for me even as my heart was fighting against it. Now I can’t imagine life without her. We are just starting training which will eventually lead to therapy dog certification. I’m so thankful for this rescued baby that has helped my heart in so many ways. She truly rescued me! @adventures_of_ameliaj

Whats your dogstory?