Foster Care for Dogs during Dog Dad's Alcoholism Treatment

Taylor & Belle (Black Mouth Cur, Rescue), Dallas, TX

“In early 2018, I was finally ready to accept my truth and willing to begin an alcohol treatment program after nearly two decades of abuse. BUT what was I supposed to do with my dog, Belle, for 60 to 90 days?

meet taylor and belleThankfully I was introduced to a nonprofit organization in Dallas called Dogs Matter. They are the only agency in the country to provide temporary dog foster care placement and supportive services specifically for addicts and alcoholics seeking inpatient treatment. They truly do 'take care of your best friend while you take care of yourself.'

Dogs Matter found the perfect foster family and relieved me of the added stress and anxiety over the care of my dog when I needed to focus on myself and my sobriety. Food, veterinarian services, status updates, and aftercare follow-up for up to 12 months are all provided FREE to their clients thanks to the generous support of their donors. 

Addiction can strip away almost everything. One by one, many of those around us have no choice but to leave. But there is one who will always stay and love us unconditionally no matter what our past looks like. One who loves us even when we can’t love ourselves. That’s our beloved dogs!!

Dogs specifically can help to reduce loneliness, create social opportunities, lower blood pressure, and provide a sense of purpose in a seemingly hopeless situation.

Belle has been my loyal companion throughout my journey. We were successfully reunited after my treatment in the summer of 2018, and have been living in a safe, sober environment ever since.


I'm extremely grateful to the Dogs Matter organization and its amazing volunteers. They were such an integral part in my journey towards a new life in recovery.”

Dogs Matter was founded in 2014 by Stephen Knight. It’s the only nonprofit organization providing temporary foster care placement and supportive services specifically for addicts and alcoholics seeking treatment and transitioning to recovery. They are based in Dallas Texas and expanding to other cities where there’s a large recovery community and supporters to get their operations up and running.

Can you help? Visit Dogs Matter to see how you can help, volunteer, and donate!

Published by Dog Like Me on Father’s Day, June 21, 2020

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