Finley's Story: How this Pup was Saved by his Dog Mom

Whitney & Finley (Golden Retriever/1), Tampa, Florida

meet whitney and finley At just 9 weeks old, Fin was attacked by another dog leaving him with a broken leg and puncture wounds. Dogmom Whitney pulled him away from the other dog, resulting in her own injury which required plastic surgery on her lip. But Whitney knew that she had to save Fin's life. There was no time to think about her own safety. 

Whitney said "I never knew how proud I could be of a dog, but his bravery and loving nature through all the pain and trauma he has been through is inspiring. We are so thankful it wasn’t worse and wouldn’t wish the experience on anyone, but the bond we have now is indescribable."

Fin's leg was badly injured in the attack and he's had several follow up surgical consultations and treatment. He's also training to be a therapy dog and doing physical therapy for his limp. He love to swim, which doubles as physical therapy for him. Whitney is very grateful for all of the support and encouragement from family, friends and followers along the way! @fondley_finley