English Bulldog is Dog Dad's Lifeline through Quarantine

Conall & Collins (English Bulldog/2), Galway, Ireland⁣

meet conall and collinsAfter 17 long years with my previous dog Slider (sheepdog) passed due to old age. It was time for a new addition, and I had decided on a French Bulldog. The night before I was due to pick up the Frenchie, I saw Collins. It was love at first sight. The next morning, I was in the car to make the 400 mile round trip to collect him. ⁣

Collins is a character. He loves his ball, his marrow bones and his many, many beds. He also loves spending time with other dogs and does not know when to quit! He can be stubborn, especially in the mornings when it’s time to get up. On walks, Collins could be confused for a husky as he would pull a tractor! ⁣

He is protective and scared at the same time. No one will enter without me knowing, however he would run away from a mouse! He’s also very understanding and loving. He and I play rough, but on the other hand, he is so gentle and caring. He weighs a healthy 80lbs.⁣

Collins has been my lifeline through 2020. We have laughed, we have cried, we have quarantined, and we have explored but the main thing is, we did it together as a family. ❤️ @collinsthebulldog

whats your dogstory?