Dog Dads Adopt Rescue Dachshund to Complete Their Family

Meet Daniel, Anthony & Tucker (Dachshund, Rescue/8), Middletown, PA

Tucker is our everything! In 2016, Daniel was visiting Delaware Humane Association for a work event and just happened to see Tucker who had just arrived at the shelter. Two days later, we brought him home. He has been an amazing little buddy! His favorite thing to do is cuddle, which is good because that's our favorite, too. All he needs is his daddies and a blanket, and he's good to go! We tell him all that time that he is "the cutest dachshund." 

Two dog dads with their Dachshund rescue dog, Tucker

To us, Tucker is family. People ask us all the time if we want to have kids, and we tell them the four-legged kind is enough for us. There is something truly special about the relationship between humans and dogs. We don’t speak the same language, but there’s an understanding, a trust, and a connection that is unlike anything else.

We’ve learned a lot from Tucker. He reminds us that there’s always time to play, to celebrate every moment of life (like when your favorite person returns after only being away for five minutes), and that the best things in life are simple… a blanket, cuddles with your favorite people, and maybe a little bit of peanut butter for a treat.

Daniel now works at the non-profit shelter where Tucker was adopted. The organization has gotten a little extra attention over the past several months because President Biden’s dog, Major, was also adopted from Delaware Humane Association. Getting to experience every day the love that DHA made possible makes going to work a lot easier!

We can't imagine our life without our little guy!

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