California Soul with a heart of Gold

Kristina, Josh, Milo & Louie (Golden Retriever/5), Los Angeles, California 

meet kristina, josh, milo and louieLouie has been an incredible blessing to us as his parents and to many of those who come in contact with him in person and on the internet.  He brings a smile to everyone's face and is such a loving soul.

Louie brings us an immense amount of joy at all times, whether it is going on a hike, or just laying around the house. The occasional hole he digs in the yard does bring a moment of frustration, but then we can't help but to forgive him minutes later with the look in his eyes. He is a shining light and we love him deeply.

Louie is now practicing his big brother skills with the family's newest edition, baby Milo. @goldenoutriever

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