Bubbles: Animal Abuse Survivor for the Win!

Kilyn & Bubbles (Pitbull Mix/3), Houston, TX

bubbles - animal abuse survivorTo say that Bubbles is an inspiration is an understatement.  Not only did she survive someone intentionally trying to kill her by shooting her through her eye, but they also beat her with a hammer.  Her right eye, inner ear and jaw were all shattered and she required four surgeries to repair all the damage.

We have rescued and adopted many dogs, but Bubbles is our first cruelty survivor. After bringing her home from Houston Pets Alive we started getting more involved in combatting animal cruelty, which has now led us to understanding more about the connection between animal abuse and abuse against humans.  We are now looking at ways to help not only animals but humans that suffer at the hands of others.  As a society we need to take animal abuse more seriously because abusers usually “practice” on animals and then will cause serious harm to humans as they get more confident or empowered.

Our goal with sharing Bubbles’ story is simple, to raise awareness and hopefully people will start reporting animal abuse when they see it happening.

Bubbles has and will continue to be an inspiration to so many. She loves everyone she meets and just wants to play all the time. She has a way of drawing people in and although they may ask her breed, they have never been scared away. 

As a family we have certainly met some amazing people because of Bubbles. We go to a lot of events and try to get her out and around as many people as we can. She is amazing!! @khbubbles

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