Aussies Healing a Broken Heart

Tina, Rubble & Nugget (Australian Shepherds/5 & 4), Davis Islands, Florida

Rubble was truly a blessing to heal a broken heart, add Nugget and the heart is full!!

meet tina, rubble and nuggetTina's late husband was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer (GBM) on her birthday in 2012. In the year or so before his passing Tina started walking her neighbor’s dog, Trapper, a blue Merle Aussie. She fell in love with the breed as they loved to exercise and were so “needy.” Trapper went from being Tina's therapy dog (because he got her out of the house) to being her transitional dog because, by then, Tina knew she needed her own dog.

In November of 2015, Tina started a search for a red Aussie with blue eyes because her husband loved red wine and had crystal blue eyes. She fell in love the minute she saw Rubble. He was born July 14th, the date of Tina's wedding anniversary and the day of the celebration of life and love. It was a sign!

Tina's friend clicked the “adopt” button and a week later her friend flew out to get Rubble. Tina described it as the best day ever!! Eighteen months later Tina reached out to the breeder because Rubble loved being with other dogs and Nugget was the last of a new litter. They are brothers with other mothers 😂.

Tina described Nugget as a joy. "He's just the sweetest boy, the greatest addition and proof that no matter what you go through, the unconditional love of dogs can bring pure joy!!" @rubsandnugs

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