Are there Wrong Reasons to get a Dog?

May & Miss Darcy (Cockapoo/10), London, UK
i got a dog for the wrong reasonThe truth be told, I got a dog for all the wrong reasons. I was madly in love with a Gentleman Farmer (an oxymoron that exist only in the UK) & after trying for months to reel him in, I had a light-bulb moment. He loved dogs & if I got a dog, maybe it could be our surrogate child. And how I decided on a cockapoo was totally due to a chance meeting. A cockapoo ticked all the right boxes for living in a London flat. I named her Miss Darcy because no one ever told me Mr. Darcy did not come four-legged.
Long story short, at their first meeting, puppy Darcy had a wee on Gentleman Farmer’s rug. When he lifted his big farmer’s hands to smack her, my allegiance changed. Instead of the instant family I imagined, I found myself a single parent of a puppy I hadn’t intended to have.
Darcy is my first pet, the first time another being has totally relied on me. I was told they become your best friend. They are loyal & love unconditionally. I was also warned it would be a HUGE commitment. I was ready, or so I thought.
By week two, I needed a reality check! I could not have a lie in if I felt like it. I could not get into pjs until after her last walk (that’s city living). I could not just go to the cinema & not think about what she was up to at home.
I felt a loss of control & never thought a puppy could necessitate a therapy session. I also knew deep down that I would regret it if I rehomed her. I took time off & would decide upon my return. However, I found myself thinking about Darcy every waking hour. I hadn’t realized she had become a part of me, my life – inconvenience & all.
Many walks later, Darcy had me wrapped around her little paws. The one thing I did not expect from her was teaching me life lessons. All she wanted was to be loved & she allowed me to love her fully without negotiations. Sure, I compromised certain things but I realized how much more fulfilling it was to do things with her than without. We travel to places where I can take her and wine & dine at the best restaurants together.
Happy 10th birthday Darcy. Our decade together had flown by. @missdarcysadventures
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