Are Dogs Matchmakers?

Braden, Spencer, Harvey & Olly (Goldendoodles/3), Denver, Colorado 

Spencer had Olly and that’s how he and Braden met. So yes, dogs can be matchmakers!! 

meet these 2 matchmaking dogs"We lived in the same building and Braden took an interest in me via Olly. He even watched Olly a couple times for me. As we got to know each other, we found Harvey. Very quickly we became a family of four. Olly & Harvey have been there through our coming out stories and have been our constant buddies when we moved together to Denver."

Having some cute dogs helped Braden and Spencer meet people in a new city and also gave them something to worry about besides work and themselves. Olly loves to steal pistachios off the counter and Harvey is obsessed with balls. They are the best of buds, and this is one happy family! @dadsndoodles 

Whats your dogstory?